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         Children, particularly babies, change and grow and lightning speed – from one day to the next they are different.
Doing a shoot like this helps to freeze time for a brief moment
and not only celebrates the now but really sheds light on the incredible miracle of having a child
and watching them grow.


Lifestyle newborn sessions,

is very different from studio/ posed newborn photography.  

It is more relaxed and free flowing with a focus on simplicity, connection and storytelling,

is the perfect way to capture your new baby in your home in a loved  family atmosphere.

It's a great way to get images in your new nursery, with pets, etc.  

During these sessions, I will capture your family in a way that you can look back on and remember how you really were. Siblings have a lot of fun as well, allowing me to capture authentic moments...

which you will cherish forever...



Lifestyle child sessions,

are perfect to capture your child in action, We plan the session totally around their interests. Think about jumping on the bed,  playing characters with a sibling, or doing whatever your child does, right at home.

Capture those moments that only you as parents get to see, in photos. Lifestyle shoots are timeless. You will look back at the photos and remember your children as they were. 


Lifestyle family sessions,

these take place in your home or your garden and incorporate everything about your family, using your home as the background.

I will capture your family, just as they are, doing activities , etc.

These sessions are planned ahead of time to ensure an amazing experience capturing your family in the “real”.

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